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Kingyo Club engsubs [10 out of 10]

As I decided to jump into the fansubbing world...

VERY FIRST time timing and doing all the work on my own, so ofc there's gonna be mistakes. Anyone willing to help retime/type more properly/ correct any mistakes as I don't claim to be perfectly fluent in japanese is more than welcome. Many thanks to bittersweet_bun for all the raws! 

Episode one: MF

Episode two: MF
notes on this epi: I'm not 100% (okay, I'm about 90%) sure that what I read on that letter at the end is exactly correct. I went by the general meaning, mostly. There's a damn kanji that I searched for exactly 2 and a half hours for its meaning, I haven't found it anywhere, and decided to give up and go with the flow of the rest of the sentence. So yeah, if anyone can correct me, feel free to do so~ I swear I spent more time on the letter in the end than the whole episode ><

Episode three: MF
I missed my translation many times because of my PC freezing this week >< Somelines might be crooked because of the timing, but I checked and they were fine... As fine it can seem to me at 5am.  I'll be doing epi 4 shortly too~

Episode four: MF
I missed the translation for this one once too... And then my sister has been sitting at the PC I use for this program too, so I didn't have it all for myself XD And, I'm doing another drama too ;) But the important thing is that you guys have the subs for epi 4 now too! 

Episode five: MF
No comments on this XD You'll see for your own~ Working on six now...

Episode six: MF

Episode seven: MF

Episode eight: MF

Episode nine: MF

Episode ten (final): MF

Please tell me if you find anything that is not good with the subs (timing, meaning, any corrections at all).

UPDATE 05 03 2012
I'm sorry for causing trouble to everyone who wanted to finish the drama on time!
The past few months have had many ups and downs, and sometimes it wasn't even in my hand to post the subs, even though I had actually finished by November 2011 :( You can blame my computer, a HDD failure, my dad and his forgetfulness, and also MF, for not working xD I finally have them on my computer now so here, you have them as well.
I shouldn't be joking OTL It's the first drama I subbed all on my own and I wanted it to be done properly and quickly, but I failed OTL
Thanks so much to bittersweet_bun for uploading the raws the past summer!
Thanks to all of the people who waited patiently to get the subs every time! I'm so sorry I made you wait this long!

password for all files: hpkc2011

I time all the subs to the HQ versions (usually the 1280 x 720 x264 files) that are shared on ourhour.

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Thamk you, i love you <3 Would it be ok if i translate your subs to Polish?

I'm happy i see this, becuse Geki Koi, similar drama was never subbed T.T
as in, the Watanabe Shu one? I know I'd wanted to look at it... How many episodes was that? Maybe I can put it to my upcoming projects. I'm trying to start from easy dramas like this, and currently I'm doing only Kingyo Club and Gekidan Engimono- Intelligence XD If you can show me where I can find raws, I can most likely make subs for that one too :)
SUPER ARIGATOU!!!! I've been dying to watch this drama but my japanese sucks..
Thanks for subs!
If earlier I wasn`t sure, should I watch the drama, or not. Now, with subs it`s definitely yes)
OMG OMG OMG! O_O You are my savior, I mean it! I've been waiting for someone to sub this drama like forever it feels and now someone out of the blue suddenly uploads subtitles (yatta!!!) I'm so happy I nearly choked my breakfast xD I really appreciate your work and I sincerely hope you will continue with the other episodes n(_ _)n onegai shimasu!
Thanks for subbing this, I didn't think anyone would and it seemed interesting.
Taking this, thank you so much for subbing these wonderful video's.

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