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Late-night moments

staying awake till 4am googling pictures of alan rickman. 

Think I saw Robin Hood somewhere on TV this week. The past week. Whatevs. We were assigned to read Sense and Sensibility (again, btw. Seriously, doesn't this year's teacher ask the previous one for what she assigned us to do previously? Not that I mind, when Austen works are included, but just saying~) for spring break, for English class in Uni, and inevitably my mind ran off to the awesome movie <3333 Of course speaking of the 1995 one. Gonna go asking at the video club and see if they have it. I've only ever watched it in crappy quality on grandma's TV by chance. As I'm reading the book now because of Uni, I might as well use it as a chance to compare it with the movie... Not that I have any complaints, esp as the cast was more than damn classy choices for the roles xD

Need new LJ icons. Since, you know, paid account expired without me understanding and with the crisis we're in I can't be paying even for the smallest amount a paid account requires. Blah xD

I'd better go to bed :p

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