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let it die, let it die....

I'm sure no one out there will understand this because I've never met someone who gives so much fuck about the damn messages stored on that device called cell phone.

As those of you who actually care to read my lj after this long of a time I've spent disappeared, I sent my cellphone for service a month ago for the first time, to have the flex card (or whatever that was) replaced. I took it back and it acted up again on the same day, so I take it back and they tell me that Sony Ericsson sold them a bunch of no-good spare parts. What the fuck do I care; I paid you 38 damn euros and I want my cellphone as I gave it to you. Ok, then, they took it to fix it again (ofc without charging -I'd go berserk if that happened!) and I got it back today... formatted. WITHOUT. MY. CONSENT.  They STATE, at the shop's papers and on the "item received for service" form , that the companies that the phones are sent back for service might format the phones, IN THE SMALL LETTERS. They're bound by whatever rules is in the industry to READ THOSE OUT to the people who give their phones to them. THEY DIDN'T READ THEM TO ME. The first person who took my phone ought to have done it, the person in charge told me, and that there wasn't something they could do at this stage. That they're bound to warn a client beforehand, but they didn't, leaving it at me and supposing I had read the small letters and understood and had consented... THEY ALWAYS ASK IF WE WANT TO BACK UP THE DAMN DATA, WHY NOT NOW?

In the end, my phone returned from SE with the camera function not working, scratches on the camera lense, formatted and with software updated, no more with the vodafone software it had installed when I bought it on a vodafone contract. I had backuped my phone contacts on my SIM card, and all the music, pictures and videos on the computer, BUT HOW THE HELL COULD I HAVE BACKUPED THE 1000+ MESSAGES SINCE NEARLY 5 YEARS AGO? Because when I had to change devices back in summer 2010 (here, my phone hasn't even exceeded the insurance period!!) I had all my messages from my old K530 transferred to the new device. I didn't mind that it wouldn't have much free space on the phone memory. I wanted those damn memories.

Fyi, the text messages have been my life. I don't choose all those phones you all love, iphones, blackberries or apple phones or xperias or smartphones -I hate touch-screen things because they're gross, and plus, I don't really need internet-on-the-go. I hate facebook, I don't really use youtube or tumblr, only twitter, and regardless of using it all the time, I don't think I need it on my phone. I love technology, but those phones are ridiculous, ridiculously expensive and break down too easily. I had just a simple SE C510. I just loved that it could take pictures with its 2.sth megapixel camera that were clearer than the digicamera we own with the 8mpx couldn't battle, that it was so strong and had gotten through 2 dives into water, that its battery was incredibly good and up to this date it can last about 10 days without being recharged if left alone, that it read the japanese characters on my music and videos, that it was so useful and played its music clearer than the SE Walkman phones. I loved my phone for what it was; I planned to not have it changed if we had to get a new one and it still worked, just use it firstly and have the new one as a spare. It's the first time I was so ...tied with a device. It wasn't anything really useful, it didn't have much free space for music and stuff, but on the memory card it had 1GB of pictures mostly of Eito and Kura and less than 800MBs of music and video, it's the phone I talked to my friends in Japan and all over the world with, it's the phone some of you have even seen when I went over to see you, it's the phone that sparkled in the sun like the twilight vampires, offering so many chances of laughter whenever that subject came on....

Now all that is lost and it's a stranger. It's not my phone anymore.
I know it's completely stupid, but I loved the phone for what it was. I've been crying all day like a friend I really loved left me. It was a friend. To me, it was a friend. The only one who was with me when no one else was, got warm in my pocket and gave that warmth back to me when my fingers were frozen in the winter, and it was the friend that connected me with all of you.

I never wanted it to die like this. It's almost like being diagnosed with a serious disease you'd have to lose everything important for you for it to be treated, and you didn't want to let the doctors do their job, so they diagnosed you unable to judge your own good, and they change it for you without your consent. Only in my case, I wasn't even told beforehand.

Yes, I'm on pms too. I don't think that changes anything.
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