hyuuga_princess (hyuuga_princess) wrote,

as of 9.2010, friends only.

8 bots on my tail, 20 empty journals and russian journalists who have f-locked their journals but claim to know me repeatedly adding me made me resort to this. As I can't do anything about it on my fic-journal, because all that is there is linked to communities, I have to protect this one journal because it means a lot to me.

F-locking almost everything other than posts that have been linked back from communities. Also cut off quite a few people, as we're never talking/you don't post/ I don't comment/we've got really nothing in common /anymore.

All new friends and especially Eighters are welcome~ I only have very few conditions~

∞ I won't add any more empty journals unless I know you in rl and I suggested you use lj for whatever reason, but first comment stating who you are, or else I won't know, right? Won't add people that want to friend me because they saw old entries in KAT-TUN-related communities either, I've put this chapter behind me. I'm still a fan, but I'm a fan for myself and it's not fun to fangirl them with other people anymore -there are few people exceptions in this one.

∞ I will add you if you respect my idols and don't bash them, if you can take my overly fangirl self and spamming, if we have the same interests but NOT if they're not Japan-related. I don't need any new friends that won't be able to understand what I love and have spent more than half my life defending- I have suffered from that enough.

My reasons for changing all these things this month -profile page, f-locking journal etc etc-  are not for stating, but if you absolutely must know, I changed as well. Interests change, free time to fangirl over all the things I'm a fan of is inexistent, and I don't have that much patience with people anymore either. I'm not being bitchy here, just cautious~ I'm a nice person unless you irritate me^^
Tags: f-locking and friending policy

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