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Your voice, body, fingers, your sleeping face and heart, I love everything

People say I'm deluded and they mock me -you don't even know my face

10 August 1991
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Hi~ After long years of having the same profile, she decided to change it. This one needed a change because she's put a huge part of her old profile behind her, as in old fandoms, likes/dislikes and all.

She still loves music/writing/drawing etc etc, she still aspires to be an author, she still hasn't changed her opinion about her rotten country, her drug is still cherry juice, but she's changed her opinion about picking favorites on colors. She's surviving thanks to her cherry juiceRainbow Heroes -Kanjani8 taught her to love all colors equally 8D Loves the taste of raw strawberries, her elephant plushie and her traditional-art utensils, the smell of acrylics and freshly cut wood and paper and all that wonderful stuff <3

She tends to rant and emo a lot about her family, she spazzes and spams about everything, so if you don't want rantages of rage or fangirlism in your F-page beware~ She's really defensive over her idols and favorite people, to the point of insanity, cherishes her friends most and is a really boring person in general. Doesn't bite unless provoked ;)

Right now (2012-13) she's 4rth year into University, French Dep, but don't fret, she can't speak french to save her life T.T Her self-studied japanese is way higher in level, compared with the school-taught french. Other than that, her 学力 and her 将来にやりたいこと are completely different XD

She occasionally checks out D-BOYS activities but she knows them all. She is mainly focused on D2 and loves them from the bottom of her heart <3 She's also a devoted eighter, though currently is only silently supporting them from a corner of the world~ Current main obsessions include all of D2, but namely Arai Atsushi and Shiramata Atsushi. Also follows Daito Shunsuke, Matsushita Yuya, the Takagi twins, Nakamura Yuichi, Inoue Masahiro, Suda Masaki and Yamazaki Kento, as well as some of the boys from the latest Prince of Tennis musicals. Looks up to Suzuki Sawa, Maya Miki, Shida Mirai, Yoon Eun Hye. She loves yakisoba and takoyaki and okonomiyaki and kiwi and tomatoes and all red fruit, her drugs are cherries and sour cherry juice. She's got many (and some that no one else ships) OTPs and some OT3s and OT4's and fangirls them greatly all the time.

© jounins